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yamapi is a potato
01 September 2009 @ 05:03 pm
Yes, this is actually friends locked :O Because I write about alot of retarded things, I'd like to protect everybody else from it. Unless you want to share brainwaves? Comment with a little something about you to be added :3


Ohoho I get alot of things made by ayisse because she's awesome :D
Current Mood: productivein reality, my brain's dead
yamapi is a potato
12 February 2009 @ 09:16 pm

Good morning, people of the internetz. This is AM typing from my garbagebinroom aka it'sawalkincloset aka sampayan ng mga pinapatuyong damit.

I will grace you all with my things to do list, which has been a sort of ritual on here.

  • Collate data from interviews for Economic Anthro paper
  • Write 3 more pages for Economic Anthro
  • Review kanji and grammar studied last night
  • Start Chapter 7 of International Institutions module

I like pretending to be busy even if it's already 10:57 in the morning and despite waking up at 9am I wasn't able to get a headstart and yes I will probably end up sleeping for 3 more hours after writing this. I am a bear.


It's already 11:12am TT_TT


The other day my friend and I were going to another friend's gig. The ticket said Shibuya so how hard can it be right? We're always there. But we ended up walking for more than one hour, literally, trying to find this club in a side of Shibuya that we've never been to before. Cue cries of:

Bring me back to the Shibuya I know! This isn't it!

Hello we are from the province and we're stupid. Wow, Tokyo people are so cold yesyes?

What's that scary Darth Vader-ish music??? *A convoy of right-wing imperialist political party cars zoom by with weird imperialistic slogan painted on the cars' black bodies and flags of Japan and yeah, imperialistic music blasting from their speakers.*


yamapi is a potato
03 September 2008 @ 10:45 am

I love their new single O_O I love songs that are easy to listen to like this. ♥

Btw is it just me or it's only Massu you can hear (well, prominently that is) in the bit they use in the CM? AHAHA There's generally alot of Massu and Tego in this song ^_^
yamapi is a potato
04 August 2008 @ 10:06 am
I've decided to register another blog outside LJ. And Wordpad allows for much needed versatility :D


I explain stuff in the why/about section there so if you want to know what it's for just go there :D I'm just being lazy ahaha XD RL friends, this goes out to you guys yes hehe (Even if I really have more RL friends on this journal! Maybe I should finally get around to adding those people whose journals I stalk lurk in.) If I know you in real life and you're still interested in all the retarded things I write on here then just tell me and I'll add you on here anyway heheh (I doubt that I'm going to get a responde regarding this ohoho.)

Please comment in the wordpad journal as well and add it to your blogrolls or what ^___^ I will be updating there as most of my posts here are about Massu fangirling. I predict that there will still be flail in the other journal tho! Heehee Flailing is a way of life.
yamapi is a potato
23 July 2008 @ 01:19 pm
No no no no it's not a friends cut. I just thought I'd save everybody else from my fangirling. This, obviously is a fangirl journal. I made this account just so I can comment on and view friends' posts. When I decided to finally write on it regularly, I decided I'd fangirl here. Alot of people probably don't appreciate that (and besides, most are in my Multiply list I think). And besides, I hardly get any updates from the other journals haha.

I, however, will be making a new account or probably something on Wordpress. It may or may not turn into a Japan Japam blog (ohoho Japam, I unearthed that term form a ym convo). I know more than half of my brain processes are probably devoted to j-doramas and fangirling and it's pretty much part of real life but yeah... I'll save everybody else the trouble of getting their inboxes cluttered by whatevs from me. But ayisse was telling me a while back how I should keep a journal outside LJ/multiply again like how I did a blogspot one where I made pretty layouts and had alot of pretty things to say HAHAHA. No, just kidding.

Also remember that weekly video thing I talked about? Or wait did I post about that here? Well I'm planning to make short movies like 1-5 minute long videos of living somewhere else. It's going to be one big Douglas Coupland novel hahaha.

So yeah I'll add everybody else on the new account of course I love you all