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12 February 2009 @ 09:16 pm
this is an excuse  

Good morning, people of the internetz. This is AM typing from my garbagebinroom aka it'sawalkincloset aka sampayan ng mga pinapatuyong damit.

I will grace you all with my things to do list, which has been a sort of ritual on here.

  • Collate data from interviews for Economic Anthro paper
  • Write 3 more pages for Economic Anthro
  • Review kanji and grammar studied last night
  • Start Chapter 7 of International Institutions module

I like pretending to be busy even if it's already 10:57 in the morning and despite waking up at 9am I wasn't able to get a headstart and yes I will probably end up sleeping for 3 more hours after writing this. I am a bear.


It's already 11:12am TT_TT


The other day my friend and I were going to another friend's gig. The ticket said Shibuya so how hard can it be right? We're always there. But we ended up walking for more than one hour, literally, trying to find this club in a side of Shibuya that we've never been to before. Cue cries of:

Bring me back to the Shibuya I know! This isn't it!

Hello we are from the province and we're stupid. Wow, Tokyo people are so cold yesyes?

What's that scary Darth Vader-ish music??? *A convoy of right-wing imperialist political party cars zoom by with weird imperialistic slogan painted on the cars' black bodies and flags of Japan and yeah, imperialistic music blasting from their speakers.*