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yamapi is a potato
17 July 2008 @ 01:38 pm

I've always wondered how their member intros would look like. It doesn't seem as high energy as Arashi's or what but it's awesome as well. I've never really seen alot of NEWS fancams and I'm like all "Yay!" at Koyama trying to up the tension. Gaah Massu why so cute. LOL @ Shige's dance, uhm, really idk. And Tego's intro for Yamapi's the best! Maybe because Sho made it XD Gahaha But really how there are alot of -de's at the end of the lines sort of gives it away. As time goes by I find Tego increasingly cool and it takes a while to reconcile that kakkoi-ness with his usual image! (Just like how Nakamaru and Koyama were talking about it during TM's last SC appearance.)

And, and, Yamapi rapping!
yamapi is a potato
17 July 2008 @ 10:32 am
OMFG so I'm convinced this is one of those really random mornings. Which makes it super awesome omg hahaha.

I was looking through the featured shops on Style-Arena, which lead me to this cute little cafe I would probably visit... food's a bit on the pricey side for cheap students like me but the atmosphere seems awesome, the interiors really cool, and the staff really pretty hahaha.


And then I clicked on their blog (under Staff) just to look at all the other pictures and.. and...


い、いい顔だぁ… (What a nice, nice face/really good looking/really pleasant. Or something to that effect...)

I'm not mistaken, that's Sam Milby right? HAHAHA

This was the guy who posted that... http://milkcafeblog.jugem.jp/?eid=31

Does this mean that if I decide to apply for a job there, I'm going to get accepted for the sole reason that I live in the same country as Sam, was with him on the same flight from Manila to New York (shit I totally should've stalked him and Piolo Pascual on the plane), and know that he's gay?

(To those who do not know, Sam Milby is this Filipino actor/commercial model/singing person/all around media whorage person who was "discovered" on Pinoy Big Brother.)
yamapi is a potato
16 July 2008 @ 11:59 pm


Admit it, Massu gives out the most sexytime in this performance HAHA.

(Plus a different view of Shock Me vs Devil/Angel!)

Credit goes to Ikadeta@YT
yamapi is a potato
16 July 2008 @ 09:26 am

I think it suits him well! Hmm some parts of his stage play look a bit retarded though hahaha.

BUT! BLONDE! SHIGE! YAY. I'm a huge fan of perfectly done hair colour :O

AND glad to see that he changed his huge ghetto diamong earring... sorry wasn't a fan of that.
yamapi is a potato
And A+R Store is there to find some of them for us! When I get rid of all my bills and have money, I swear I'm going to order that coffee cup and tea stick. Or, hmm Tokyu Hands might have some? hahaha

USB Drive Mixtape!

Better than I am not a plastic bag.

Down with disposables, let's all hug trees.

Teaballs are dead obvs.

I wish I had money right now T^T Find them all, and more, from http://www.aplusrstore.com