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I sold my soul to the internetz.

yamapi is a potato
31 August 1988
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Obsessing and youtubing are my hobbies. Multitasking is my preferred way of life. I like drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee and tea. I like to take photos, and write about transcience. I also like answering senseless memes. I like to travel... even when I don't have money. And oh, I study Anthropology and International Relations.

I run an online radioshow or podcast with ayisse which you should go check out at Myspace or Multiply. (She also made my lovely layout btw!)

I have a love affair with Tokyo that's 19 years and still running. Last year, my best friend brainwashed me into the shiny glittery world of JE fandom. Resistance was indeed futile. Now I enjoy brainwashing other people, I can do it for a living.

I've liked pandas even before Massu made a joke about it. That only made me like love go grabbyhands on him more.